Kickoff Event

September 24th 2016

Attleboro Arts Museum (86 Park St, Attleboro)

This year Attleboro will be reading Dinaw Mengestu’s The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears. In this novel, the author describes the pain of exile, when one is violently uprooted from his or her homeland.  Having fled the Ethiopian Red Terror of the late 1970s to live and work in Washington, DC. Sepha Stephanos is acutely aware of the loneliness, sadness, and dislocation that accompany his pursuit to find a quiet refuge from the ghosts of his old life.

In response to the novel’s theme of struggling with how to live with and maintain memories, the Attleboro Arts Museum will mount an invitational exhibition of portraits that have been created by an artist’s memory-without the aid of a model or photograph to serve as a guide.  All media will be exhibited, from paint on canvas to installation.  The installation is entitled, Distinguishing Features.

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