In this, our eleventh year with the National Endowment for the Arts/NEA Big Read, Attleboro’s 1ABC is once again offering a unique opportunity to members of our community. We are asking our reader’s to join us as we consider the unthinkable and while doing so, reflect on what is most important in our lives.

Station Eleven depicts a time of world collapse, while focusing most of its story on the characters’ lives before and after the crisis.   The struggle to re-create a world of humanity through the arts, literacy, moral codes, love, and human interaction reflects a major theme from the book – “Survival is Insufficient.”  According to St. John Mandel, “One way to write about something is to consider its absence, which is why I set much of the book in a post-apocalyptic landscape. I thought of the book as a love letter to the modern world, written in the form of a requiem.”

Our Station Eleven journey takes us from a frighteningly realistic epidemic outbreak, through to a hopeful survivalist period 20 years later.  Along the way we may wonder at the author’s ability to meld Shakespeare, classical music, a graphic novel, nomadic travel, love, prophecy, friendship, and survival into a single spellbinding novel. We will undoubtedly question our own lives, what we can and cannot live without, and what is most important to us for our own personal survival.  

Attleboro’s 1ABC partners have planned a variety of ways for experiencing Station ElevenFrom Survival in the Woods to a Panel Discussion on the Arts, to a visit and public interview with the author, community groups and organizers will use their expertise to explore the many facets of this mesmerizing novel. Check out our calendar of events to view the full range of offerings, find age appropriate activities, and learn how to register.  Space is limited for many events – so secure your spot ASAP.     

 Attleboro’s 1 ABC has worked diligently to bring you an experience of a lifetime.  Our hope is that you will join us as we reflect on how precious life is and what is truly important to us not only as individuals, but also as a community.

Joan Pilkington-Smyth, Co-Chair
Attleboro’s 1 ABC