The NEA Big Read is once again coming to Attleboro and it is full STREAM ahead!  Yes, we do mean STREAM as this year’s community-wide read will be based on Ron Carlson’s novel, Five Skies and as always, we will be bringing you an energetic experience.  Why STREAM you might ask?  STREAM, or Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Arts, Math, may sound a bit overwhelming, but is beautifully depicted in the pages of Five Skies. This is a read that one can simply enjoy for the words Ron Carlson has gifted to us.   It is also a tale filled with the wonder of science and art in the fauna, flora, and sky. The story depicts a building project- one physical, the other emotional- which requires the use of engineering, math, and technology in determining how to accomplish the physical work. The teamwork needed to master this project lends itself to the characters developing friendship while also reacquainting them with their inner selves.

Five Skies, an Americana story brings us three men coming together, finding construction work and working through kinship in southern Idaho. It reflects our values of hard work, teamwork, bridging the gap between stranger and friend, second chances, doing the right thing, and breathing-in the great outdoors. Taken from scenes and themes in the book, we will provide opportunities to visualize with “Mesa, Tables Constructed with Five Skies Overhead” at the Attleboro Arts Museum along with hearing the Carpenter Poets; review Attleboro’s working history and environment with the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum and Sensata; share ways of coping with grief as individuals and a community at CVNA; look at the great outdoor opportunities in our Attleboro area with the Attleboro Land Trust, Attleboro YMCA, National Audubon Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary and the North Attleboro U.S. National Fish Hatchery; enjoy landscape art by the Literacy Center Students; Skype with the author at Bishop Feehan High; attend the BCC hosted keynote speaker, Neil Swidey, a Boston Globe Sunday Magazine writer, and author of Trapped Under the Sea; try some photography workshops; enjoy a meal with Attleboro High School Culinary Arts Students and of course offer numerous book discussions for all ages.  We have also connected with the Idaho Tourism Bureau and the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve to bring you updates on the locale of Five Skies.

In this, our 12th year, NEA Big Read: Attleboro invites you to READ the book, join the fun, attend events, try one of our discussions, meet new community members and STREAM along with us

Oreste D’Arconte, Christine Johnson, Joan Pilkington-Smyth
NEA Big Read: Attleboro’s Co-Chairs