Finale Dinner

Finale Dinner at Attleboro High School
Thurs., Oct. 24, 2019; 6:00pm – 8:00pm
100 Rathbun Willard Dr., Attleboro

Crews on whaling ships out of Nantucket, like those in the NEA Big Read: Attleboro book, “In the Heart of the Sea,” left port with enough food to get them, hopefully, to their next port.

While hardtack was a seaman’s staple, their ships put into many island and continental ports in the whale-rich Pacific Ocean to refresh their stores.

It was not unusual to find chickens and goats on a whaler’s decks, and tropical fruits stored below.

With that in mind, the culinary arts department at Attleboro High School has prepared a menu for the Big Read dinner in the school’s Blue Pride Cafe, the finale of the two-month celebration of Nathaniel Philbrick’s book. The dinner is 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.

The meal was financed by a $600 grant from the Attleboro Rotary Club, and all ticket revenue goes to the culinary department to support its programs. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Attleboro Public Library. Seating is limited.

Access to the AHS Blue Pride Cafe is from the doors off the parking lot just past the main entrance.

Here is the menu for dinner, in their own words, created by Michaela Lynch and her culinary crew at AHS:

Mock Tortoise Soup

Tender, not tortoise, with savory spices (stolen from the captain’s quarters), local island vegetables, river or rainwater, citrus, cured tomato and what could be salvaged of the potatoes, and hardtack to soak it all up.

Captains Quarters Only

Cured hams, pickles, cheeses, fresh fruits and the finest nuts (not the crew).

Polynesian Chicken

After a long journey to the Hawaiian Islands, enjoy a feast of fresh chicken with curry, coconut and lime, with mashed plantains and grilled pineapple and papaya.


A fruitcake of sorts: dried fruits, lard (or blubber), rum, of course, and molasses.